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Thanks for visiting my site. I’m an amateur photographer based in the Test Valley in Hampshire, bordering the equally photogenic surroundings of Wiltshire. My interest in photography was kindled via the twin gifts of a Nikon D5600 and a landscape photography workshop in 2019.

To me, photography brings appreciation of the environment and its history, a relaxing break from my work commitments, and a degree of fitness training – it’s perversely invigorating to stumble through unfamiliar terrain in freezing conditions, with my pathway lit only by a head torch. If the journey is rewarded with a not unreasonable shot, then that’s a bonus – I’ve been around long enough to know that the perfect is the enemy of the good, and that hope isn’t a plan.

The majority of the images here are landscape/seascape, wildlife, and woodland, although I’ve attempted most photographic genres and techniques, driven by a natural curiosity regarding compositional and technical variations and challenges. Several images have been published in photographic magazines/websites, as well as on a regular basis accompanying my articles in our local journal.

Whilst many of these images were pre-planned, it is often the instinctive/unanticipated shots (e.g., deer in a rapeseed field, helicopters over Stonehenge) which are the most rewarding, even if the images don’t always bear close inspection.

I hope that you find an image or two that you enjoy. If you’d like to get in touch, my details are on the contact page.

Special thanks to family and friends for their support, encouragement, and feedback. And to Chris Davies, a website designer par excellence.

(Equipment: Nikon D850; Fujifilm S-X20; iPhone 12 Pro; Nikon Nikkor, Sigma and Fujifilm lenses; Lee100 and K&F Nano X filters; Affinity Photo and ON1 for post-processing; Photopills)

Frosted Kingfisher
Frosted Kingfisher